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Conscious Fundraising

  1. What is Conscious Fundraising?

Conscious fundraising is the connection and resonance between two parties who are aligned in making impact in the world. On one side, there is the person who stands for a cause who connects with a donor who wants to see return on impact. They exchange time, energy, and resources in a mutually beneficial relationship.  Fundraising is not begging for money. It comes from a place of abundance. Both parties are equals in the exchange. 


Conscious fundraising doesn’t end once money is exchanged, in fact, that’s when the real work begins.  What’s most important is how the donated money is used to create impact. The money needs to be used in the most efficient way to mobilise the best resources to produce the results that both parties deeply desire. 

2. Why is it important?

Conscious fundraising is so important. It creates trust among people that can last a lifetime. It creates sustainability, collaboration, and is the vehicle for real positive change in the world. 

Money, for better or worse, is what makes the world go round. Money also has an energy that is more powerful than the financial value of it. It’s the tool that people use to exchange goods and services with each other.

3. Why I am passionate about it?

I love creating relationships with people, connecting them, and seeing the magic they make together. Conscious fundraising is my preferred vehicle for collecting and multiplying resources for all of the causes I care about. Through conscious fundraising, I can help not only my generation find their place in the world, but also those of future generations gain access to resources that wouldn’t have been possible. It’s my passion to unite people and resources to create value.

Let's collaborate! 

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Women who want to find the resources make a difference.

The organisations which want to connect with a global field.

Anyone who dares to ask for money for their cause!

The Results You Will Produce 

Build healthy and sustainable partnerships 

Learn how to work and manage your charity or your business and a foundation

Become fearless when asking for money for yourself and your causes

You will learn how to deal with your team in difficult situations 

How to make a forecasting and financial planing

Create access to your inner power and become unstoppable in all of your future endeavours

Build global connections 

Connect your social enterprise to some potential advisors

Fundraise what you need for the caus

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"I take the risks.

They move us in the game!" 

Andrea Tittelová

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