GIFEW Sisterhood


I am a Future Constellation Leader at GIFEW, The Global Institute for Evolving Women I remember the day I first met GIFEW CEO and Founder, Bea Benkova, in November 2014. I felt a special connection with Bea and I saw that we would create something beautiful together.

GIFEW became my soul expression and also the place where I found my sisters, Bea, her sister Tatiana, another soul sister Katherine Longhi, and the more than 100 women in the GIFEW Constellation. GIFEW has become the place where I can empower other women to grow together, develop and contribute to the transformation of humanity through the aligned power of evolving women.  In addition to my GIFEW sisters, I also have a biological sister, Simona and together with our mother, we are the proud Tittelova sisterhood.


Children are one of my passions. I have always loved children, taking care of them, and helping their parents. For me, children are an expression of pure beauty and love. Every time I am with a child, I connect with my soul!  I want everyone to experience the same love and joy that I feel with children, and through conscious fundraising you can. 


Have you ever felt like a fish out of the water? I used to feel like that when I was a chubby kid with an overweight that I had to loose. I feel very grateful for the resources that I had growing up that I was able to transform my life in such a profound way.  But what if I had had other obstacles to overcome? 


Did you know that according to the World Health Organisation, over 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year and that cancer is the biggest killer of children? Are you aware that 38.3 million children under 5 were overweight or obese in 2019? For these children, every day of their lives they experience being a fish out of the water.  I am here to serve these children. We have to find a way for them to live their best lives. I believe conscious fundraising is the tool to help these children and their families. I see that only bringing health and wealth to families will eliminate poverty. 



Deticky moje .jpg

I love children and I believe that every child shall have a happy and healthy life. That is why I took the role of Country Lead of Bátor Tábor Foundation, Czech Republic. Bátor Tábor helps chronically ill children to get back to life with the tools of an adventurous therapy. It started in Hungary 20 years ago. Bátor Tábor Foundation is a Member of Serious Fun Network. Serious Fun was originally founded by Paul Newman.

“Absent the commitment to confront the challenges we face together as a human community, charity doesn’t solve problems. It separates us from the problem temporarily and gets us off the hook.”  

Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life