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About me


Conscious fundraiser

Little bit of a history

I 've been engaged over 10 years into fundraising. 

I studied political science and lobbying in Washington DC and Brussels. I ran for public office for the first time when I was 18 in my hometown in Slovakia. I’ve worked for the European Parliament and the Lobbying Department of US Steel in Washington DC.


For 8 years I’ve run my own youth politics and education NGO - Youth Politics Education with my amazing business partner and friend, Lubica Ragula. Through our non-profit we've changed the lives of hundreds of youth educating them and giving them practical toolkits to be full self-expressed in politics. We later took this venture international when we evolved YPE into the Global Academy of Conscious Politics.  We later took this venture internationally when we evolved YPE into the Global Academy of Conscious Politics. 

Why fundraising 

Over 10 years, I have fundraised for national project about social values, to develop our own NGO in a conscious politics, for myself joining amazing global transformational programmes at Global Institute for Evolving Women and in London at Landmark.

I am the Founder of Conscious Fundraising Show where I shine the light on extraordinary women and men who raise the funds to make a dent in the world.


Currently, my fundraising role is expressed at the position of The Country Lead for the Czech Republic at Bátor Tábor. Bator Tábor is a non-profit organisation that stands for children who suffer from serious diseases to live healthy lives. 

Why wine - making 

The vineyard has been passed down from my beloved father.I took over the production of the vineyard in 2013 when my father passed away. Today, I produce a white Riesling and red called Svätovavrincké, which is similar to a Zweigelt.  

The secret to making a great wine is simple. You need to have great soil and only touch the grapes with love. I am grateful for mother nature: the sun, the rain, and every grape that goes into the maceration process in September. 

“I take risks. 

That's my life on the slopes and off.”

Lindsey Vonn

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