Andrea Tittelová

Conscious Fundraiser
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I empower the women and the future generations to fundraise consciously.

Welcome to my world!

“When you take a stand, it actually does shift the whole universe and unexpected, 

unpredictable things happen.”

Lynne Twist


Every woman feels courageous and confident when she raises the funds!


I empower the women and future generations to raise the funds for their causes!

Conscious Fundraising

Conscious fundraising is about raising 3 important elements for every cause. Triangle of time, field of someone or money. It is ALWAYS about relationships based on trust. Trust among people that can last a lifetime. It creates sustainability, collaboration, and is the vehicle for real positive change in the world. I love creating relationships with people, connecting them, and seeing the magic they make together. Conscious fundraising is my preferred vehicle for collecting and multiplying resources for all of the causes I care about. It’s my passion to unite people and resources to create value.

Let’s explore together how to fundraise! 


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10 years of experiences in Fundraising

8 years as Founder and CEO of own Non - profit. A fundraising experience from 

in Switzerland, in the US.

Founder of Conscious Fundraising Show

Partner in Global Institute for Evolving Women - GIFEW

About me


Over 10 years, I have fundraised for the various cases and campaigns including the campaigns for social changes, political campaigns and big national projects. It all started with a political campaign when I was running for the local office. For 8 years I’ve run my own non profit in politics and education with my business partner and friend, Lubica Ragula, Youth Politics Education.

I studied political science and lobbying in Washington DC and Brussels and I graduated in Slovakia. As well, I’ve worked for the European Parliament and the Lobbying Department of US Steel in Washington. Through our organisation we've changed the lives of hundreds of youth educating them and giving them practical toolkits to be full self-expressed in politics. We later took this venture internationally when we evolved YPE into the Global Academy of Conscious Politics.  Currently, I am The Country Lead for the Czech Republic at Bátor Tábor.  

I take a stand for the women! I am also Future Constellation Leader in Global Institute for Evolving Women, GIFEW.

Three words that express myself the best 




What do people say?


"Andrea is a Conscious leader in the Fundraising business.

The best part of working with Andrea is her deep passion for people, fundraising and making a positive difference in the world. Fundraising can be seen as a challenge, but Andrea flips that as she is an expert at connecting people, ideas, value and championing the cause.  Andrea is a Conscious leader in the Fundraising business. I am delighted to acknowledge Andrea for the opportunity she creates in helping you meet your fundraising need."

Marie Soprovich 

M.Ed, B.Ed, 

Business owner, GIFEW Leader & Conscious Business Platform 

“Ring the bells that still can ring. 

Forget your perfect offering.

There is a crack in everything.

That’s how the light gets in.”

Leonard Cohen